As the second of five sons in a family driven by athletics, hunting, fishing and all things outdoors, Patrick was perhaps destined in his career choice from a very early age.

Growing up near the forests and wetlands of Wisconsin instilled in him an appreciation for nature that he is now able to pass on to today’s youth in his chosen field as a professional shooter. Patrick’s love for the old west and westerns since a boy was the initial spark for his fascination with the stories of Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show as well as other great exhibition shooters like Herb Parsons, Ad Topperwine, etc. It was while viewing old footage of these shooters that Patrick realized that he was not only capable of duplicating some of these routines, but that he had it in him to evolve the shooting sports to a whole new level and so, his fate was sealed. He practiced constantly to perfect the shooting routines now used in his live performances.


Patrick’s intense desire to see the shooting sports better recognized as a professional sport and his continuous efforts to educate, promote and evolve the shooting sports has made Patrick’s live & filmed shows some of the best outdoors entertainment today.

An Introduction to music at an early age led Patrick to become a professional drummer while still in high school. His love of music takes his live shows to a level that no other shooting sports entertainer has ever brought to the exhibition shooting world.

Patrick has been entertaining audiences since childhood and has carried that showmanship ability through to his performances today. “The main focus of my live shows is to entertain my audiences first and foremost and impress people with my shooting ability second,” states Flanigan.

Patrick is currently an eight-time world record holder in Xtreme Sport Shooting and at the very top of the exhibition shooting circuit. Patrick performs dozens of live Xtreme Sport Shooting shows a year and is also the star of numerous television programs such as “Hot Shots” on NBC Sports, “Impossible Shots” on the Outdoor Channel, and Patrick Flanigan’s own “Shell Shocked” on The Sportsman’s Channel. Patrick has also been featured in hundreds of publications including “Outdoor Life”, NRA’s “ In-Sights”, “Pheasants Forever”,” Ducks Unlimited”, and many, many more.

A new foundation is being formed that will raise funds to promote the shooting sports to our youth in a safe and fun manner. Patrick’s foundation will help spread awareness and educate the youth on the safe operation of a firearm as well as provide firearms, ammunition and other tools to events working to promote, evolve and educate our young people in the shooting sports.

Patrick’s limited downtime is split between his home and martial arts gym in his native Oshkosh, WI and his property In the Black Hills of South Dakota with his wife Jenna and three children. Although at the young age of thirty-three he has seemingly done it all, when asked what was next on his horizon Patrick replies, “Stay tuned, I’m not done yet, not by a long shot!

Patrick Flanigan, World Record Holder.

Xtreme Record #1 - Five clay targets hand thrown, individually shot, from the hip and without assistance. May 5th 2005.

Xtreme Record #2 - Eleven clay targets hand thrown, individually shot, from the shoulder and without assistance. July 6th 2005.

Xtreme Record #3 - Eight clay targets hand thrown, individually shot, from the hip and without assistance. May 16th 2006.

Xtreme Record #4 - Nine clay targets hand thrown, individually shot, from the hip and without assistance. July 6th 2006.

Xtreme Record #5 - Six clay targets hand thrown, individually shot with a pump shotgun, from the hip and without assistance. August 2006.

Xtreme Record #6 - 12 rounds shot in 1.42 seconds with the Winchester SX3 on April 3rd 2007.

Xtreme Record #7 - Seven clay targets hand thrown, individually shot, from the hip, with ONE hand and without assistance. April 2010.

Xtreme Record #8 - Seven hand thrown clay targets, individually shot, from the hip, without assistance and with a Mossberg 500 PUMP shotgun.



Here is a homemade video of myself, the four rabbits and some shooting clips that never made it onto any other videos. Enjoy!