2017-18 Spray & Pray Tour: The Booking Process



Let Patrick Flanigan & his team of marketing/entertainment professionals assist YOU, in obtaining the ultimate impact and benefits from Patrick's live performances and/or speaking engagements. Patrick's background in marketing & event planning, as well as 30 years of professional entertainment experience is available to you at no additional cost. "When I entertain your event, I strongly believe that it's success weighs heavily on my shoulders. It is a personal & professional reflection of myself! I want all of the events I entertain to be the ultimate goal achievers. I will personally work with each event in an effort to guarantee the full benefits from booking my live performances and/or motivational speaking seminars. Overall, I want your event to be the best it can possibly be... attendees will leave - satisfied, with smiles on their faces & anxious to return."

"Shooting Sports Entertainment isn't just my profession. It's my passion". ~ Patrick Flanigan


We have made booking a show simple, easy and absolutely effortless. Here is how it works:

Step 1. Contact us with your event information such as: Event Description, Dates and Location.

Step 2. We send you a quote for the cost of the performance(s). This number includes our cost of travel and performance cost.

Step 3. We have sent you 3 items to review. (Please see below)

Item #1. The Show Contract. Please read through entire contract and contact us with any questions. Once we have agreed on a date and amount of shows for your event, you will need to fill in the blank spaces in the contract, including: Name, Address, etc., sign it - and return to us along with the deposit.

Item #2. Show Diagram. This is a diagram showing how Patrick’s shooting area should be set up for his show(s). Note: Purchaser is responsible for the set up of PA system prior to entertainer’s arrival.

Item #3. Props List. These are the materials that will be needed for Patrick’s show. These items, for the most part can all be found at a local Wal-Mart. Note: Purchaser is responsible for purchasing all items on props list.

After reviewing the items you are welcome to contact us with any further questions.

Congratulations!!! You have booked the greatest sport shooting show ever. You have given your event the greatest form of shooting entertainment available.

Thank You in Advance,
Patrick Flanigan


Ways to Keep Costs Down or Raise Money:

  • Book a show when Patrick is already in your area or passing through.
  • Get local businesses to sponsor your event
  • Inquire about more than one show in a day/weekend.

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