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Xtreme Sport Shooter Patrick Flanigan to Attend Redring Booth at 2013 SHOT Show

By Outdoor Hub on January 10, 2013 Submitted by: Laura Burgess Marketing

Eight-time world record holder in Xtreme Sport Shooting and star of numerous television programs, Patrick Flanigan, promotes the Redring Optical Shotgun Sight at the 2013 SHOT Show and Media Day.

Redring USA LLC, importer and distributor of the truly innovative Redring optical shotgun sight, is proud to host Xtreme Sport Shooter and sponsored shooter, Patrick Flanigan at the Redring/NeverLost Booth #3262 during the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The star of numerous television programs such as “Hot Shots” on NBC Sports, “Impossible Shots” on the Outdoor Channel and his very own show “Shell Shocked” on The Sportsman’s Channel, as well as numerous publications, will be available for autographs and to promote the Redring optical shotgun sight.

Patrick will be at the SHOT Show Media Day event on Monday, January 14th at the Redring tent and will be in the Redring Booth #3262 Tuesday through Thursday, January 15 through 17th twice a day at 10am to 11am and 12:30pm to 2pm.

Patrick is an eight-time world record holder in Xtreme Sport Shooting in shotgunning. Redring is the optical shotgun sight that makes you a better shotgun shooter. NeverLost gear is professionally designed to meet the rigors of any hunting or outdoor adventure.

For more information on the advantages to using the Redring on your shotgun, visit www.redringusa.com.


Patrick is on NBC Sports!


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